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With the concept of sustainable development, Xi an Kingma Base Chemical Co., Ltd. dedicates in two major businesses to create value to our customers: developing and sales of biodegradable products and International trading of chemicals and resins.

Biodegradable materials are the best way to effectively alleviate and solve the problem of white pollution around the world, it is growing very fast due to plastic ban by more and more countries and organizations. Besides the production of thermoplastic starch and calcium carbonate, our company 
also offers one stop solution of biodegradable products, including biodegradable base resins, compounds, additives, finished products, technical consultation, etc.

We always try our best to create value to our customers through strict selection of suppliers and integration and optimization of all relative services that help us to establish long term business relations with customers since we engaged in international business several years ago. 

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Address: Floor 21th, No. 62, East Section of South 2nd Ring Road, Yanta District, Xi an, Shanxi, China